The majority of the ARRA funding to improve the state's transportation system is designated to the Highway Investment Program. ARRA dollars will be invested in Safety Projects, Bridges, New Capacity Projects, Maintenance Projects and Enhancement Projects, which will provide work in economically distressed areas of the state and maximize job creation. Other programs include Public Transit Investment and Grants for Airport Improvement.

Award Descriptions



Georgia Department of Transportation

Grants-in-Aid for Airports - Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program: Grants can be made for integrated airport system planning in a specific area; and airport master planning, construction, or rehabilitation at a public-use airport or portion thereof. Georgia will receive grant funding in the amount for five general aviation airport projects. GDOT supplied a list of shovel ready airport projects and FAA selected projects for the grant awards.

Georgia Department of Transportation

Highway Investment - This program provides 100% federal funding for restoration, repair, construction, and other activities under the Federal Highway Administration’s Surface Transportation Program. The projects funded with through this program give priority to those that are projected for completion within 3 years, located in economically distressed areas, and maximize job creation and economic benefit.  It also provides funding for passenger and freight rail transportation and port infrastructure projects as described under the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act.  Finally, this program provides additional funding to supplement federal training programs and to support the training programs of state departments of transportation

Georgia Department of Transportation

Public Transit - Urbanized - Federal Transit Administration Small Urban Programs: Funds may be used for capital projects to finance the planning, acquisition, construction, cost-effective lease, improvement, and maintenance of equipment and facilities for use in transit. The call for ARRA projects was distributed to all small urban transit agencies that are under the Governor’s Apportionment category, and the agencies were requested to provide transit projects that were shovel ready and included in their local Transportation Improvement Program (TIPs).

Georgia Department of Transportation

Public Transit - Non-Urbanized - Federal Transit Administration Rural Programs: Funds may be used to improve, initiate, or continue public transportation service in non-urbanized areas (rural and small areas under 50,000 population) and to provide technical assistance for rural transportation providers. The Georgia Department of Transportation’s Public Transportation Coordinators (PTC) contacted each of the 114 rural transit providers and explained the ARRA requirements. Each rural transit agency was requested to provide a listing of transit projects that were shovel ready and could be purchased and/or procured within the shortest period of time.

Implementation Plans